Diablo - étui
UF/O - tray/personal hub - leather/walnut
UF/O - shells

A long time in the making, this week saw the introduction of the recently completed UF/O (previously archetypes.be) collection as well as several new collections under the new label ‘ensomono’ – including fine leather goods, and paper-like translucent 3D printed ‘shells’ (cups/bowls) – during the Design & Craftsmanship event ‘Meesterlijk 2013’ (Masterful – http://meesterlijk.nu/inhoud.php?lan=uk) currently taking place at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam.

Ensomono – going full circle

Ensomono recognizes that everything is connected in one way or another. This is what the recurring circle of ensomono represents: going full circle in terms of linking the past and the present, materials and techniques, designers and makers, to finally connect people of different backgrounds and places through contemporary craftsmanship.

This sense of unity is also maintained on a different level: within ensomono each individual is equally important, and even though most artisans are used to working silently in the background, they are now given a more appropriate place as part of the process.

The craftsmen involved – including renowned Belgian leather craftsman Ralph Baggaley (http://ralphbaggaley.com), woodturners in Northern Italy, a glassblower from the Netherlands, amongst others – have all played an important part in ensomono and realizing the designs together with Fabien Franzen, a designer and aspiring artisan from Belgium.