Since 2010, Malagana Design has been focused on bringing you a shelving system that is not only functional; in which all competing influences are balanced, but hand crafted in the finest natural walnut – The Equilibrium. Now it’s time to get bold.

Malagana; a way of trying to be smart and gain something out of it, and Equilibrium; a state of rest or balance due to the equal action of opposing forces, it seems like Alejandro Gomez Stubbs, Malagana Design’s founder knew exactly what he wanted to achieve when he came up with this concept. Launching at TENDENCE (August 24-28) in Germany, and TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK (October 30-November 5) in Japan, Malagana Design has you thinking “outside the box” in a literal sense, while it’s compartments seem to float in mid air with it’s new color palate in ELECTRIC colors, and a NEW wood option! In Electric Lime/White lacquer & Neon Tangerine/Grey lacquer, this is a FRESH way to wake up your senses in a very quiet way. Equilibrium bookcases can hold up to 160 lbs (72kg) and its modules allow for books and magazines to be organized in its natural tilted position, which eliminates the need for bookends.

These colors are a LIMITED ADDITION, and will only be offered for a short period of time.

In addition to the original dimensions, Malagana Design will be introducing a secondary version offered in this LIMITED ADDITION color palate, which will be a smaller version with 3 modules. With the same award-winning design as the original Equilibrium, the offspring will measure roughly 24”x48”x13”, and will be able to be transported easier and self-contained for one person.

Equilibrium launched just 2 years ago, and has garnered impressive Press and award coverage. It has been nominated for Lápiz de Acero Award (Colombia), WAN Award (UK) and recognized by Design Within Reach a winner in their Design+Modern+Function awards in New York. Alejandro Gomez Stubbs is a native of Colombia, and wants to continue to use the resources given to him, and continues to create products that are hand-made there. His intension is to design products that are modern, fun, useful and beautiful, and has shipped all over the world, including the United States, Europe, Morocco, Australia and the Netherlands.

All products are available immediately ONLY through Malagana Design.