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Ercole and Le Poule tables by REIECTA

Reiecta is a project that explores the boundary between nature and design, started after a discovery: dozens of marble wastes left, year after year, in a wood near an Italian stone industry. The rejected material [res iecta] seems to colonize the environment. Some contaminations took place: humidity stains, growing roots, material breaks. The inert marble became fertile by attracting life forms. Reiecta is a collective project thought by a group of designers in order to reverse the industrial processes, transforming the production waste into raw material. The result is a series of objects with zoomorphic shapes, that evoke the peculiarities of each species. A series of case studies collected in a limited encyclopedia that has no scientific aim, only curiosity about nature and its phenomena.

Reiecta SerieZero is now online with a catalog of twenty-five top, to be associated with two different projects : Le Poule and Hercules.

Photos: Jessica Soffiati, Francesca Iovene







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