Esho lamp with perforated steel shade
The lamp's frame and shade colors can be customized
Lamp with woven cane shade
Detail of woven cane shade
The lampshades come in steel, cane and fabric
Evolution of the lamp. Finished shade surrounded by wooden frame models
Perforated steel shade cast interesting shadows on walls when lit
Woven cane shade also has a nice effect when lit
Artisan grinding welded edges of the lamp's steel frame
Artisans sewing fabric shade onto steel frame with base/light source in foreground

The Esho collection by AWCA (A Whitespace Creative Agency) is an exploration of form complexity, aesthetics and structure through indoor furnishing such as lamps.The designs all consist of welded steel lattice structures that have a crystal-like configuration, hence the name of the collection, which refers to the Yoruba word for jewelry. The concepts used in the visualization of each piece is reminiscent of low poly count models found in 3D cad programs, for example in the case of the lamps they were imagined as low poly count versions of a match flame.The lampshades are available in cane, fabric and steel. They all diffuse and play with light in interesting, different ways, bringing their own distinct character to any space they illuminate. Every item in the collection was designed and handcrafted in Lagos, Nigeria. Each piece was constructed manually without the aid of heavy industrial processes. All production work was handled by local craftsmen and artisans, the use of cad programs were purposely excluded in the design process and instead handmade physical models were built to realize the final form. All materials used in the production of every piece were sourced locally and are readily available in Nigeria. Aside from the aesthetic value of the project, the core aim was to utilize readily found materials and practices found locally to conceive designs that are representative of the current state of technology and globalization.