A series of furniture and desk accessories made of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam. A soft yet resilient material commonly used in children’s play mats and building sets. The EVA Series brings a familiar touch of childhood within the adult space. The series includes desk accessories and two stools.

Spar Stools

The Spar Stool is a powder-coated steel stool with an EVA foam cushion, a soft and easy to clean surface. Details of the stool suggest a structure built with sticks and blocks, as a child would interact with a simple building set. The Spar Stool is available in table and counter heights.

Puzzle Desk Sets

A collection of EVA foam desk accessories. Foam shapes puzzle together to form vessels for workspace items. A child-like assembly that results in objects for the workspace. The Puzzle Desk Sets series consists of three puzzle sets; a pen holder, paper tray and mouse pad, and nesting containers.

Pen Holder

Part of the Puzzle Desk Sets series. A three piece puzzle set assembles into a pen holder, creating an elevated platform for your writing tools. A structural way to accessorize the workspace.

Paper Tray and Mouse Pad

Part of the Puzzle Desk Sets series. Nested pieces separate to reveal a paper tray and mouse pad. EVA foam provides a soft, yet dense surface for all desktop tools

Stack Containers

Part of the Puzzle Desk Sets series. Puzzle pieces stack and nest to become a card holder and containers for small supplies. Pieces can be popped back into the frame for storage. Multiple orientations provide a number of different ways to organize.


Spar Stool in table height

Spar Stool in counter height

Detail of Spar Stool construction