In everyday life we are surrounded by objects that are created only for the purpose of being functional.
These overlooked items became the base for our concept, where we transformed details coming from functional objects into decorative elements
From a shared idea about the ‘Everyday Constructions’ we created individual pieces for the collection, where the products get their characteristics from the seemingly insignificant details of everyday life.
Designers Sofie Samuelson and Hanna Billqvist graduated from Beckmans College of design in 2011, their collection was premiered at the Stockholm furniture fair.¬¬¬¬¬
Sofie Samuelson:
The idea for my furniture collection was born during a period when I passed a facade covered in scaffolding, day after day. After a while I began to think there was a subtle beauty to it.

Inspired by this, the first piece of furniture was created and through studying other things in the same field, I found interesting details and features for more.

By refining the functional elements and let them stand out, as a contrast to the raw material, I’ve converted their functionality into decoration.

Hanna Billqvist:
When I process the impressions from my everyday life, it is the unusual coincidences and events that have imprinted themselves into my memory. I want to create objects where the intuitive feeling remains and gives the furniture their character.

The table clock has got its wide pointers from a weather vane. The mechanism hangs in the centre under wooden arch that is supported by a heavy marble base.

The room divider came from a fascination with how easily you can create a thin wall without blocking out the light, when you hang up a sheet to dry in the sun.

All photos by Maja Brand, www.majabrand.se