The evolution bracelet is the 2nd price winner in the international Purmundus design challange.

3d printing is bringing about a revolution or some might even say an evolution in product design. To the right several 3d printed products as designed by Studio Mango are shown.

Most designs start with a spark, a fragment of your imagination which shows you what this object you need to design can be. In the further process of sketching, detailing and prototyping this figment of your imaginations grows until it becomes a final product.

We wanted to capture this moment of inspiration which will lead to a new product. Basically the birth of something completely new, the origin of a design which goes to all its stages of evolution before it’s completely finished.

Things truly organic on this planet can have the most amazing and inspiring shapes. But even more amazing is the spark of life, the origin which enables all things on our planet to grow and bloom to their fullest potential.

The 3d printed bracelet shows frogs in their different stages of live evolving and moving upwards where they fight for the crown to become the frog king. This highly detailed 3d printed part is complemented with a nice silver bracelet for a nice and comfortable fit.