From July 3 to September 9, 2013, hosted by the Agency for Cultural Affairs,
this exhibition at the Guimet Museum in Paris displays works by respected unprecedented epicure and artist, Rosanjin.

The Rosanjin Exhibit has not had a major introduction to Europe before.
Therfore, in this opportunity to introduce the art to the French,
I have made various efforts to make it an interesting exhibit.


The Exhibition consists of three spaces.
1. The displace space that shows Rosanjin’s representative works in sequence.
In order to show the art using the Japanese concept of “Ma” (continuous rooms),
I deliberately employed a diagonal line of flow within the display area.
The successive frames recreate traditional Japanese architecture made by pillars and beams.

2. The leading space that connects Rosanjin and the present time.
Continuing on from the previous space, this space features one of Rosanjin’s best known pieces – Jitsugetsu-wan. Jitsugetsu-wan were an expression of [change in time].
To enable the audience to actually experience the true meaning, I created a 25m line of photographs that captured the concept of time-change and placed the Jitsugetsu-wan in the middle of the line.

3. The experiential movie space with top-class Japanese restaurants
In this last space, I filmed a movie with the help of respected traditional Japanese restaurants and sushi restaurants, in order to convey Rosanjin’s skilled epicurean/Cook side.
The exhibit space is inside The House of Light, a mock restaurant which tables and counters are made of Organdie. This experiential installation recreates the restaurant’s table scenery and makes you feel as if you were really there.