ELLA mirror handling phase 1
ELLA mirror handling phase 2
ELLA bathroom collection set
ELLA bedroom collection set
ELLA vanity unit
AL collection set with open mirror
AL collection set closeup with closed mirror
DOT mirror handling
DOT mirror closed
DOT mirror open

Following your posture – mirrors enhanced with AXIO-LINK technology.

Miior’s flagship products are the inventive extendable mirrors, equipped with the AXIO-LINK technology.

AXIO-LINK is a revolutionary patented hinge mechanism that allows the user to change and adjust the distance between the mirror’s reflective surface and the wall which it is mounted on. As a result, it is now the mirror that follows the user’s preferred ergonomic stance. It is now time for the mirror to follow users’ preferred and ergonomically correct postures during their self-grooming tasks. All three lines of our mirrors have been equipped with the AXIO-LINK mechanism and a touch-sensitive LED light switch to refine overall user experience. Finally, each mirror has been uniquely styled and complemented with specially designed furniture in order to match different design expectations and lifestyles. Each model’s shape is also patent pending.

The AXIO-LINK technology has been implemented in the Al, ELLA and DOT mirrors respectively and there is additional furniture and accessories to complement the mirror’s aesthetics.

home.made by miior.

Miior is a new interior-oriented brand focused on rethinking the ordinary. Through our unique product development approach and high manufacturing standards, we create clever and functional objects for a beautiful, welcoming home.

There are as many ways of looking at things as there are people. Acknowledging this simple fact gave us the chance to come up with fresh solutions for products that so often seem immune to any improvements. Miior’s tight knit team have been putting their efforts into approaching everyday rituals from a fresh perspective, looking for opportunities to make them more efficient and exciting at the same time. Big ideas and barely noticeable, yet revolutionary back-end features – combined to present you with a new quality vision of home. made by miior.