After serving on the faculty of well known universities and working on projects for museums, I have developed a project that takes an unusual path to address our understanding of the nature of war and conflict.

My work has previously involved studying information systems across disciplinary boundaries and often addresses the sciences and engineering through the lens of the humanities; I have lectured and presented my work in the US, Japan and Europe.

The project is called Eye to Eye U & I and our Facebook page is serving as the center for all information regarding the project: http://www.facebook.com/eyetoeyecommunity

Eye to Eye U & I is based in the humanities. It is a series of events carried out in devastated areas around the world, to re-humanize war and conflict through the design and placement of unusual nomadic spaces and unique community interaction. Through these events we hope to bring about change by shifting the community’s emphasis after a conflict–away from trauma and towards understanding. It is also our belief the project will create an opportunity to develop practices that will inhibit the depersonalization of war and conflict, and in doing so work towards peace.

The project has received the support of over 1600 Facebook fans and 3,000 followers on our Twitter. As a new campaign that takes an unusual path through the humanities to address war and conflict it would help immensely to have others convey the importance of this project. Our campaign ends in a little over 30 days, but we’re confident we can make it all the way.