The pile of wood for turning.
From polisher for final finishing.
Shadow of Face2Face

Face2Face is a product which wants to be present in people’s daily actions.
Inspired by the famous Bertelli’s masterpiece, which eighty years ago represented its time with a sculpture, today the young designers of Henry&co. want to honor him representing a great modern lack: face-to-face communication.
Modern time allows us to be present in the web, a wide showcase which on the one hand makes us feel increasingly important and present within a niche, as if we were protected by an armor; on the other hand, as it can be noticed when observing the “new communicators”, it further isolates us from the contact with other
people because of the use of computers and smartphones.
The way of thinking of Henry&Co starts exactly from this realization, which brought them to plan simple but efficient elements to stimulate verbal communication. From this way of thinking the Face2Face collection arises; it is composed by a unique element which can be used both as a stool or as a small table,
according on its arrangement.
Face2Face objects have also another quality: they can be piled, when not needed, so that they become an expositive totem which creates a whole of impersonal faces, as if they were waiting for our gesture, our call: this is VERBAL COMMUNICATION.