For the release of the new Fairphone 2, industrial designer Alan Nguyen teamed up with 3D Hubs to create world’s first 3D printed phone accessories that are made from wood. All of the designs in the ongoing collection can be downloaded and 3D printed in local neighbourhoods. Because of the locality and the material used, the process is as sustainable as can be.

Both of the currently available accessories – the Fairphone 2 Nightstand and the Fairphone 2 Amplifier – were designed using 3DSMax and 3D printed using an Ultimaker 3D printer. The Nightstand was inspired by the simplicity of the Fairphone 2’s clean aesthetic and the Amplifier was inspired by conch shells due to their naturally? acoustic structure.

“What I really liked about this project was the ability to make use of a distributed manufacturing project helping to lead a ‘new way’ for products to get made,” explains Nguyen. “Not only are we helping minimise waste and help the environment, but we’re also helping lay the foundation for the future of local manufacturing.”


The 3D Hubs Collection

The 3D Hubs Collection

Amplifier Detail

Nightstand Detail

Amplifier In-Use

Nightstand In-Use