The storage furniture that swallow your most private things.
Detail of drawer
Bench, opened showing the elastic stomach.
Mirror with light turned of
Detail of light bulb in mirror.

We have just participated at Greenhouse at Stockholm Furniture Fair with Familjen, our collection of hall furniture.


Our process started in the hall, a space where functionality is of great importance but also a room that’s often forgotten about. It´s the first thing you encounter in the home and the last thing you experience before leaving it. We have created a collection of hall furniture that by its shape, expression and characteristics has gotten a life of its own. The collection consists of a seating furniture with an elastic stomach to stow away clothes and belongings, a storage furniture that swallow your most private things and a wandering mirror with integrated lighting. The furniture are made out of solid birch wood and the stomachs are woven by elastic strings.

Short presentation of us:

We, Charlotte Ackemar and Annie Granath, studied together at the Bachelor program in Design at HDK in Gothenburg, where we graduated in 2009 and 2010. After an internship at Little Red Stuga, Charlotte continued her studies at the Master’s program in Interior Architecture and Furniture Design at Konstfack in Stockholm where she’s graduating this spring. Annie continued her master’s studies focused on spatial design and furniture design at HDK and exchange studies at School of Architecture in Copenhagen. In the summer of 2012, after Annies graduation we begun this project, which is our first project together outside school.