Steve Sechi,  'Til Death Do Us Part,  Acrylic on Canvas,  57" x 41"
Steve Sechi,  Until I See You Again,  Acrylic on Canvas,  46" x 64"

Family Reunion
An exhibition of new paintings

Brockville Arts Centre
235 King Street West, Brockville, Ontario.
In the Thousand Islands.

January 3 to January 30, 2013

Canadian artist Steve Sechi’s new collection of paintings, Family Reunion, features two large-scale works that depict real life moments and express the joy and sorrow that exists during family gatherings.

As Sechi gets older with a family of his own, his contact with extended family and friends is limited. It seems the only time he sees certain people is at a wedding or a funeral. The connections they maintain occur during moments of great joy brought by the hope the union of two loving beings will bring or the feeling of great loss and sorrow that the death of a loved one instills.

The two major works in Family Reunion talk of commitment and release, of love and pain. The paintings ultimately create the perfect bookends to the love that exists in two very different extremes.

In addition to the works in Family Reunion, the exhibition will feature five paintings from Sechi’s collection, The New Landscape.

Over the past twelve years Sechi has participated in over 40 solo or group exhibitions at galleries in Toronto, Amsterdam and New York. His work has been very well received and can be found in private collections across Canada, the USA, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, India and Germany.

Sechi would like to thank the Ontario Arts Council for their support with Family Reunion.

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Gallery hours: M-F 10 to 5, Sat. 10 to 3, Closed Sun.

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