A set of three aluminum- vases isolating every electronic device stored into them.

A set of three aluminum vases that use the Faraday cage principle (which the project takes name from) isolating every electronic device stored into them. This is how Giorgio Laboratore interprets the theme chosen for 2014 edition of Padiglione Italia, that is “the mediterranean dysfunction”.
“A continuous information flow travels bouncing through smart devices, making us always connected and never alone. As we work, while we eat or while we sleep in our bed the giant network weaves its silent and invisible threads tracing us, certifying us and providing us a place in the world (connecto ergo sum). It would be nice to have a small trap door and … Hup! We are no longer on the maps, we can take a break from the rest of the world.”
According to world’s leading experts on innovation strategy, the “Faraday Zone”, web-free places where you can disconnect, will soon be a topic on the agenda.
The project aims to reflect on the value of the blackout produced not accidentally, sabotaging the operation of smart devices within the domestic environment and subverting the rules of everyday life.
The set is composed by three aluminum element made by metal spinning and galvanic coated.
vase h25 – 12x12x25cm vase h17 – 15x15x17cm vase h10 – 26x26x10cm