The felt is a material well known and used within the Design environment. It has been used in different ways, although its role has been mostly as a peripheral element in many design works. Feltology is a project that attempts to highlight the qualities of the felt and put it in foreground. Through the use of resin as gluing and hardener material the felt fabric becomes a sort of sculptural material easy to model, cut and sculpt.

The result is a technique that can lead to different applications. The following lamps are representatives of one of the different paths that this technique can generate.

Feltology has been recently exhibited at Greenhouse, during the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015

Feltology has been sponsored by Kvadrat


Blue and grey layering


The possibility to use and then sculpt different colors of felt generate unexpected and colorful results

all grey version



Image of the whole collection

Detail of the effect achieved by the layering of felt

Detail of the inside of the lamp