Ferrofluid is an extraordinary material with unique ferromagnetic properties. Although dozens of applications for it have been found – from hard drives to loudspeakers – its most impressive is arguably as an interactive display.

Ferrofluid displays capture the best qualities of ferrofluid, both as a liquid and as a ferromagnetic substance. By applying magnetic fields of different strengths, different shapes and formations begin to appear in this otherworldly black liquid. By suspending it in a clear liquid, even more interactive qualities are exposed.

The Project

The goal for Ferrite is to create the best ferrofluid display possible. Premium materials like anodized aluminum and high-quality glass are being utilized to create a refined and beautiful product. I also am in the process of finalizing a proprietary superhydrophillic coating to prevent staining. With this, I intend to produce a product that is attractive, usable, and that will survive the test of time.