Filter Studio provides 100 sqft of naturally-lit space
The cedar louvres and rainscreen are designed to fade to grey with time
The louvred screen moderates the light and view to and from the interior
The angle-dependent visual connection creates both privacy and a connection to the outside
Light takes on the warm tones of the wood
Inside, abundant natural light enters the space both directly and indirectly
LED lighting and solid wood floors and furniture compete the space
cladding detail

A tiny, prefab accessory space adapted from our work on tiny houses, Filter Studio is a ready-to-use space that bridges between architecture and product design.

Built in Vancouver, Canada and designed for transport, Filter Studio creates useful space while it reduces its impact by minimizing its size. While borrowing outdoor space through an expanse of windows that wrap the building, light and views are filtered by a cedar screen that designed to fade to grey with time.