Hanji Home Lovers' Lamp

Do you have a light of your life? This elegant, handmade lamp makes a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift; one that signifies love, companionship, and the light that one person can give another in a relationship.

The Lovers’ Lamp stands 22″ tall and approximately one foot wide, and is perfect for ambient bedside lighting. The base is constructed of basswood and textured by delicately gathered handmade paper, suggestive of bark. The stems, smoothly covered in Hanji, are made from flexible aluminum rods, which can be repositioned if desirable. Each flower holds an easy-to-replace 7 watt nightlight bulb, and is made from a sturdy acetate form, covered inside and out with Hanji. A switch is located on the cord.

The handmade paper we use is Hanji, a Korean paper made from pulp of the mulberry tree. Through an extensive appliqué process, the paper is meticulously applied to the components of the lamp in various stages of fabrication, then all pieces are brought together to create a single, inspirational object of light. The Lovers’ Lamp features black Hanji that has been bleached to give it a bronzed effect.