The sublime always been a concept – or, even better, a longing – of Man that naturally aims at the highest peaks. Elevating and outdoing oneself, transcending and ascending, has always been an inclination and ambition for who does not live passively his own existence: the astonishment of a summit covered with snow, the attempt to get closer to the sky by building infinite skyscrapers, or the breathtaking moment when we pose our eyes on the magnificence of a church’s dome.

The concept of sublime is undoubtedly subjective, and it’s based on the experience of the human mind, on the role that the imaginary plays on all of us. I tried to transform this need of “transcending”, the drive towards the noble, the infinite in a more immanent concept: overturning the point of view, the man becomes omnipotence and his steps move on surfaces that were before inaccessible, with the romantic illusion of walking on a dome, laying on an ancient ceiling, or losing oneself in the fascinating sight of an old sacristy.


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