Fireplace on show in Paris celebrating whirlpool's 100th anniversary
Fireplace concept prototype
Fireplace on show in Paris celebrating whirlpool's 100th anniversary
Fireplace cooking basin, detail
Fireplace hood detail
Fireplace, hood and cooking surface
Fireplace intelligent surface
Fireplace sukiyaki accessory
Fireplace sketch

Good design and innovation depend on an endless curiosity and exploration. At Whirlpool, research is constant and creativity is fuelled by regular analysis of future trends. Through workshops and dialogue with designers, business, gastronomy and social experts, the Whirlpool’s Global Consumer Design team applies a free creative and visionary approach to the exploration of the identified trends and creates concepts to enhance the future domestic experience.

The Fireplace, one of Whirlpool’s latest explorations, combines the ancient tradition of gathering around the fire with modern technology. It brings an answer to the cross-cultural necessity to share experiences with real interaction.

This new solution consists of two main elements: a multi-functional cooking table and an air treatment / mood lighting hood. It is proposed for a new type of space where the kitchen and living room merge into one. The components are fully adaptable to accommodate a variety of situations from family gatherings to social events and relaxed lounging moments.

Cooking surface
In the centre of the table there is a cooking basin that emits different frequencies of light to either create a warm atmosphere or cook food at the perfect temperature without burning it. The pins inside the basin move up and down to accommodate the different accessories that can be placed inside. The interaction between the cooking surface and the hood results in precise heating and perfect control of any type of food.

The air treatment / mood-light hood works as the brain for the cooking system. Its integrated camera detects the accessories and food placed on the cooking area beneath and the ideal cooking temperature is automatically determined by the system.

The hood accommodates two types of lighting: softly changing coloured lights for creating different moods and functional lighting for cooking. The central part works as an air treatment system sanitizing, recycling and adding perfume to the air while controlling the temperature and humidity of the room.

Intelligent surface
The “intelligent surface” works together with the smart accessories. When the accessory is in contact with the surface, the user can determine whether the contents of the smart accessory should be kept cold or warm. The accessories are charged when they are placed on the surface, so that later on, they can even be used remotely for a short period of time.

The interaction with the accessories is based on gestures. To determine whether the contents of the accessory should be kept cold or warm, the user needs to rotate them clockwise or counter-clockwise, and the intelligent surface will send a signal to the accessory to keep the liquid content warm or cold. A light indication will appear on the bottom rim of the accessory (red for warm, blue for cold). The light intensity will change accordingly as the temperature changes.