Wood diamonds

Diamond cutting is a task that requires skill and patience. The resulting diamond is the highest symbol of luxury. Does this symbol change with material? These wood diamonds are individually cut by the cabinet makers at Carl Malmsten School. Each diamond is cut from fjallbjork (mountain birch), an inexpensive wood found only in the mountains of Sweden. The wood is put through a special drying process that prevents cracking through seasons. Through the simple act of cutting, the wood is transformed into something precious. The offcuts are then used to create a box mimicking the original birch logs. The wood diamond questions luxury while playing with the relationship between material and craftsmanship.

Construction and fabrication executed by Hannes Lundin, Kim Sõderbergh, Lone Ohlin and Magnus Dahlén under the supervision of Leif Burman.

Part of an ongoing series of objects that aim to tell the story of Carl Malmsten school. Edition /50