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Flaxx Nature - White Flaxx Natural Green - Chrome Flaxx Natural Green - White Flaxx Nature Dark - Black 1 Flaxx Nature Dark - Black 2 Flaxx Nature Dark - Black 3 Flaxx Vienna STILWERK 1 Flaxx Vienna STILWERK 2 Flaxx Vienna STILWERK 3 Flaxx Image 1

The FLAXX Chair is a hybrid design which offers the comfort of a free-swinging chair as well as the functionality of a conventional four-legged chair. The seat shell and frame are made of 100% recyclable materials.

The novel structure of the support frame and the combination of advantages from both designs is a contemporary interpretation in both form and function. The seat shell is made from natural fiber mats, which are molded into a stable three-dimensional form by pressing multiple layers of the material. The mats predominantly consist of flax, an annually renewable raw material, and are held together by textile polypropylene as an adhesive.

Qualities: _Sustainable materials concept based on renewable raw materials (flax; an annually renewable resource) _Environmentally friendly production thanks to outstanding mechanical properties of fiber-reinforced materials _100% recyclable

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