My cofounder and I just launched a new app called Fleck, out of this year’s PIE (piepdx.com) class from Portland, OR. If you’re not already familiar, PIE is put on and run out of the Wieden+Kennedy offices in Portland (wk.com).

Fleck is a photo sharing app where users follow topics instead of people. Each topic is a global conversation, with users from all around the world contributing photos to inform and inspire. We already have hundreds of designers and creatives posting not only from the US, but London, Spain, Amsterdam and more.

We started with just 4 topics: Street Art, Typography, Abstract Architecture and Street Style (we release 1 new topic a week based on demand). We worked closely with Wieden+Kennedy in Portland as well as London in the creation of our brand, logo and positioning.

We are seeing some exciting responses, because we are providing a unique value to creatives all around the world that want to experience their interests beyond their corner of the world. Fleck provides them an outlet and audience that they can’t get elsewhere.

We think this would be a great app for your readers to know about, since we already have designers in the global Wieden+Kennedy network using our app and loving it.

You can download our app (for iOS) at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fleck-the-bigger-picture/id619977675?mt=8 and our website is at www.getfleck.com.

Press photos available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6recljqpkuibvk0/Fleck-Press-Pictures.zip

Look forward to hearing what you think. Thanks!