deck view
evening view
aerial view

Cemetery evolution, similar to housing, is determined by land supply. As time goes by, burial method of our loved ones evolves. In a small place like Hong Kong, the critical motivation of changes is the limited availability of land.
In conventional columbarium, the price for a lot (or literally a hole) on the wall which faces the front could be twice as that on the sidewalls. Columbarium walls on the floating cemetery sit on a rail track. The energy supply for the track is tidal power which allows the walls to move forward slowly. Walls travelling around the loop track provide each spot an equal chance for the best orientation. Walls are also positioned at an angle to the cruise deck. This gives all walls an open view to the beautiful scenery. The track also brings the wall to the central ceremony space for the visitors during ceremonies. There are viewing platforms at two ends like deck for holding bigger ceremonies.

Project Name: Floating Eternity
Client: Private cemetery developer
Location: Hong Kong SAR, China
Function: Cemetery
Design Period: 2012
Project Area: 20,000 sqm GFA
Architect: BREAD studio