‘Flor’ is a set of three nesting tables by Brussels based design studio Beaverhausen. It offers practical storage on each level, or can be used as an open set to maximize surface space. ‘We were looking for a way to bring visual simplicity into this product category,’ explains Beaverhausen. Only two sheets of 3mm thick metal are used to make a single table. The result is a soft, restrained design with feet that conceal each other to emphasize colour harmony and disarming simplicity. Elegant and space saving, these tables are equally at home in the bedroom, lounge or living room. ‘Flor’ is pictured here in a deep ‘black blue’ though it is available in a wide range of different colours through French design brand Matière Grise. The set measures L36.6 x W31.3 x H49.5 cm.

All images courtesy of Beaverhausen


Nesting tables that offer practical storage on each level

Open set to maximize surface space

Side view

Small, medium and large

Three tables nesting

Elegant and space saving