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FLUOA Aerofury / Sneaker Revolution


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The unique technology and racy styling of the Fluoa Aerofury ® running shoe will delight athletes motivated by high performance. It is equipped with “Hi-Cooling Technology ®” which optimises the circulation of air using micro-perforated, gill-like vents on each side. Bioflexx ®, carbon fiber reinforcements built into the sole, are inspired by animal joints and ensure excellent foot support and stability for the serious runner.

The rubber sole is totally flexible. Its captivating design is made up of several molded parts of varying density accentuate its dynamic look. The sole is engineered for better grip and more durability and its design is inspired by biomorphism.

Carbon fiber inserts in the central part of the shoe lend more support. Two air cushions built into the sole use Black Hole ® technology and provide incomparable shock absorption for the heel.

The uppers are made from mesh material covered with waterproof polyurethane foam and are streamlined. It’s almost like a second protective skin.

Inside, the lining is formed and the elimination of all seams makes for perfect comfort.

The Fluoa Aerofury ® comes in several exclusive colorways including mat finishes, using the latest technologies: stone grey, mat black, gold satin. One of the colors is based on a completely new technique and a reminder of liquefied metal.


Fluoa ® is a stealth revolution in sport. The brand takes its roots in the animal kingdom and opens new paths to the future. The logo expresses speed and light. Fluoa ® is built on that primeval energy found deep inside each one of us that pushes us to excel and causes us to evolve.

Inspired by fluidity, Fluoa ® relates to all the challenges we set ourselves. Each component exalts its own functionality and has the potential to refashion the world of sport. Its colours are both iridescent and bright. They bring a new sensation of well-being.

Its silhouette is a mix of inspirations: high-performance racing-cars, aeroplanes and organic shapes. Its hybrid and composite nature are part of the brand’s DNA.

Fluoa ® has set itself the goal of becoming a significant name in the world of sport by offering technically strong products, perfectly adapted for running. Its success will be the result of its creativity and the performance of its products.

Products have a highly dynamic profile. The logo is inspired by the “Stealth” strike aircraft.
When applied to t-shirts or shoes, Fluoa ® amplifies the idea of speed and acceleration. By wearing the symbol of the brand Fluoa ®, the sportsman or sportswoman will beat their previous performances and their talent know no boundaries.

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