A timeless design piece from design history found life again with Istanbul based design studio, karre design.
Flying Rumi armchair is designed by Sadi Ozis as one of the first Turkish Metal furniture item in 1964. Sadi Ozis , Turkish sculptor and designer, has founded the first metal furniture atelier of Turkey in 1956. He has designed and produced various timeless furniture in his atelier between 1956 -1967 and Flying Rumi was one of them. This elegant piece has been forgotten for almost 50 years and found life again with karre, the Istanbul based design and Furniture Company.

Flying Rumi is based on the frame of Rumi armchair, which has been inspired from Sufi dervishes of the Mevlevi order also known as whirling dervishes, hence the name Rumi comes from the Sufi mystic Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi whose teachings have become the base of the order.

That piece has been prototyped by Sadi Ozis as a woven seated outdoor chair, but was never been produced. As a re-edition, Neptun Ozis, Sadi Ozis’ son, internationally known yacht and product designer, has created an upholstered version of the armchair.

Flying Rumi armchair has stainless or painted legs and can be upholstered with different materials including leather. Rumi is suitable for homes and also for executive offices with limited space.