This year, automotive supplier Valeo wanted to highlight its eco responsable behaviour in its Parisian stand at Worldwide Autoshow. For that matter, Valeo missioned Auditoire agency to build it and comissioned Atelier GH to create an original piece of art for this very occasion.

Atelier GH decided to put Valeo’s environmental and technical expertise at the heart of its proposal. The results is a naturalistic allegory of its technologies.

This biomimetic logic inspired Atelier GH a picture: technical object vocabulary that draw a vegetation driven by natural phenomenon: an enlighted field in movement suspended to the ceiling

This techno poetic ecosystem comes to life through an object: «the Flying Stick”. A 2.50m strand suspendend at 2.60 m high, fitted with a propeller, a fogger, LEDs and a laser. All its characteristics inspires a feeling of nature: wind, light, water and movement.

On Valeo’ stand 60 Flyings Sticks draw a mechanical choreography. This animatic piece of art is a visual and sensory experience that puts visitors in the middle of a technical nature’s metaphor.

This project was a technical challenge for us. From chosen materials to electronic programming and software development, the hole disposal was conducted as a research and development unit.