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Foldylock is a premium folding Bike lock that easily unfolds into a 90 cm sturdy lock.
When folded it is easily carried in its designated case on the bike frame or in rider’s back pack.

Is it realy that good?

The Foldylock has been designed to meet the toughest locking standards that on the market.

High Quality
Foldylock is made out six hardened steel links covered with plastic in order to protect bike frame from scratches.
Connecting rivets are designed with the VSR Rivet technology against drilling.
Foldylock is rust free and has a anti drilling Cylinder that is protected in a hardened steel housing.

Easy installation
The Foldylock can be easily carried in its designated case. The case can be mounted on to the bike frame using the bottle holder screws or with two specially designed straps.The case has a rattle free mechanism to prevent lock from tilting while riding.