Fondale / Corallo?Iphone 4 / 4S waterproof cases

Produced by Pineway Asia Ltd., Fondale / Corallo are 2 waterproof see-through silicone cases designed for iPhone 4 / 4S which will be distributed across Asia Pacific exclusively by the U.S. company Case Logic. Water resistant up to three meters deep, the case has water tight screw-locks operated through two large aluminum dials. Completely transparent, it allows you to take photos and videos under water. Corallo has a valve that allows you to plug in the waterproof earbuds included in the pack through the case directly into the device. Now we can check our emails and update our Facebook page while we’re doing things that would have prevented us from doing them before. And what’s more: pictures, videos, internet, and everything we usually do with our smartphones only… under water!

Fondale / Corallo are produced by Pineway Asia Ltd. and distributed across Asia Pacific by Case Logic. Pineway Asia Ltd. is the authorized sole distributor for Case Logic Mobile and Hardware in Asia Pacific.

* Earbuds valve is available ONLY for Corallo model.

Available colors:
Transparent White + Light Yellow ring

• Material: Silicon, Polycarbonate, ABS
• Size: 122 x 63 x 29mm
• Weight: 98g

INFO: http://www.andreaponti.com
INFO: http://www.pinewayasia.com
SHOP: http://www.shop.pinewayasia.com