Cookbook “Foreign Japanese Sweets” shows beginners how to make Japanese traditional desserts using ingredients available in Western countries.

Our food culture is gradually becoming more multicultural, and everyday people enjoy foods such as hamburgers, pizza, pasta and curry. Despite this variety, the coffee/tea break snack is still limited to European desserts like cookies and cakes. Why not step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with some delicious and healthy Japanese sweets?

Many people may not know, but Japanese desserts are often gluten free and vegan friendly. For example, many recipes use rice flour in stead of wheat flour, and bean paste instead of cream and chocolate. The book is not for encouraging everyone to pursue gluten free and/or vegan friendly diet, but made in the hope of providing more options than wheat, butter and egg-based cakes and cookies.

The book is the second edition of “Guide to the Foreign Japanese Kitchen” which was made two and half years ago to show how to make traditional Japanese food using locally available ingredients in Sweden and many other Western countries. The books follows the same aesthetics – it’s simple and clean, and shows step-by-step cooking process.


cover image

key ingredients used for Japanese sweets

key ingredients used for Japanese sweets

how to make red bean paste

how to make teriyaki rice balls

some more images showing how to make traditional Japanese sweets