The underwater world inspires a forest of light

London design-duo, Vezzini & Chen, present a new collection of lighting at this year’s Future Heritage at Decorex. Selected by design and applied arts critic, Corinne Julius, Vezzini & Chen have created intriguing, new, ceramic and glass lighting installations. Inspired by natural compositions and formations, above and underwater, Vezzini & Chen have created 5 new works that once again demonstrate their love and knowledge of glass and ceramic, their attention to detail as well their love of nature. Each element of each piece is individually handmade and then assembled by the duo, to create unique works.

Forest of Light,
Inspired by the traditional neoclassic glass chandelier, with curly glass arms and irregular swirls, Vezzini & Chen have created a forest of frosted glass arms that join harmoniously with elements from their iconic Geo pendant light. Hand Blown glass spheres sit on curved glass arms, like buds sprouting from the branches of a tree. In each sphere an individually hand carved ceramic core, houses the light. The organic textures of the ceramic elements diffuse the light, creating delicate patterns of light and shadow. The ‘bubbles’ emerging from the surface of the glass sphere, distort and magnify the inner ceramic forms , giving a further level of movement and creating a visual dialogue between the different layers and the two materials. The overall effect is like the rays of light at sunset, shining through trees in a forest. Each Light is completely bespoke.

Euphyllia (wall installation and floor light )
Unveiled for the first time at Future Heritage Euphyllia, is a glass and ceramic wall installation inspired by Euphyllia Divisa, a soft coral found in the Indian Ocean. Glass branches adorned with over 200 ceramic and glass buds hang off the wall at different heights . The light is diffused through the frosted glass tubes and gently illuminates the glass and ceramic buds. Different sizes of hand carved buds evoke a sense of growth and movement bringing the installation to life.

This installation is the first of series of glass and ceramic wall installation inspired by this intriguing coral.

Euphyllia floor, inspired by the same coral, is a 150cm height floor light. A frosted glass tube is decorated with clusters of ceramic and glass hand carved spheres. A fluorescent light runs inside tube creating a unique glowing effect.

Dive In
Inspired by the experience of scuba diving, Dive In is a bespoke lighting installation whose glass ‘bubbles’ run across the wall as if rising to the surface from the deep. Exploring the idea of visual distortion and what lies hidden underneath the waves, the glass bubbles encase clustered ceramic elements, reflecting the forms and textures of microscopic organisms and marine life. Individual lights are diffused through the glass bubbles and ceramic elements, revealing the intricate patterns and textures. The full composition is created using bubbles varying in size, from smaller solid and hollow glass pieces, to larger domes containing the ceramic elements; the overall effect is arresting, the subtle shifts in scale between the components echoing natural forms and motion, punctuated with light.

For this new Dive in installation Vezzini & Chen have created a new collection of ceramic components, inspired by a plant seeds collected during a recent trip to Taiwan.

Inspired by rock formation, Fragments is a collection of 5 porcelain vases.; the largest yet produced by the duo. The surface is hand carved following the faceted form of the vase. The different textured surfaces create an interplay between light and shadow typical of Vezzini & Chen’s work.

Limited edition of 15.

About us
Graduates of the Royal College of Art, MA, Cristina Vezzini specialises in hand crafted ceramics and Stan Chen is an accomplished glassblower. Both are inspired by nature. Cristina is an accomplished scuba diver. The designers bring their two disciplines, materials and aesthetic worlds together, combining fluid forms with intricate detail, repetition, texture and geometry. The outcome is a rich interaction and visual dialogue between ceramic and glass.

Forest of Light : Vezzini & Chen Unveil New Lighting Designs at Decorex 2016 18th – 21th September 2016| Future Heritage at Decorex, Syon Park, Brentford, Middlesex, TW8 8JF London.


Forest of Light


Dive in

Dive in