Fashioned after the never-ending Mobius strip.
Combining the comfort of a bed pillow and the style of a trendy scarf.
Be creative with how you use the pillow.
Recharge from a power nap.
Travel with style.
Take a break and use the pillow as a neck cushion and back rest both at once.
Share the comfort.
Carry it in your own way.
Bring the fun outside.
Comfort meets style.

How long is eternity? How does one quantify the unquantifiable? Forever Pillow is an exploration between the function, aesthetics and emotions of a design inspired by infinity.

Fashioned after the never-ending Möbius strip, Forever Pillow can be used in endless possible ways when you twist and turn it. Whether it’s for globe-trotting to your next adventures, taking a power nap at the office, or just lounging on the couch, Forever Pillow invites you to take a break, relax and unwind anywhere and any way. Made of 100% bamboo fabric, it can become a desk pillow, back support, scarf, eye mask, keyboard rest, noise-canceling pillow and more.

Have fun twisting, wrapping and playing!