Leigh Stool
Everett Chair
Everett Chair detail
Helen Coffee Table
Helen Coffee Table detail
Winston Trestle Table
Winston Trestle Table detail
Winston Trestle Table detail
Amy Bookcase
Amy Bookcase - adjustable shelves

Frame + Panel draws inspiration from the clean lines and functional aesthetic of the Shakers, as well as their thoughtful use of materials and quality craftsmanship.

My goal is to bring this sensibility into people’s homes through an accessibly priced line that offers customers a chance to play a part in their furniture’s creation. While user assembly has traditionally been viewed as a means to save on shipping and production costs, I see a missed opportunity to engage customers and establish a relationship that goes beyond the mere selection and purchase of the product.

To this end, the furniture employs custom hardware as an essential design element —
transforming the act of assembly into a source of pride that is always visible in the finished product.