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Franky, deformations applied to everyday objects.

Monstrosity and abnormality mainly found in nature and medicine, such as body alterations or mutations, were the main source of my inspiration for this project. By researching and analyzing different types of abnormality, my goal was to apply all these deformations to everyday objects, which, despite their extraordinary appearance, perform a regular function.

This project is 100% handcrafted, blurring the boundaries between art and design using techniques taken from sculpture in order to create a unique object. The Styrofoam inner structure provided me with endless possibilities regarding shape and volume. Starting from blocks of Styrofoam and using grinder and sanding tools I managed to give the desirable shape to the objects. In order to strengthened and solidified them I applied polyester and fiberglass layers on top. That worked not only as a structural element but also added an extra characteristic to the whole monstrous theme of my project.

Franky light 01

Franky light 02


detail 02







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