Meet FRED: the world’s first 100% sustainable lamp

Dutch Kickstarter project with an illuminating idea that will change the lighting design industry as we know it.

Right now there is no such thing as a 100% recyclable and biodegradable lamp. Material and production restrictions make this impossible, for now. Amsterdam based designer-duo Van Tjalle en Jasper are on a mission to change this. They have been successfully designing lamps for years and now they are proudly unveiling their latest bright idea: FRED.

FRED stands for Fully Recyclable Ecological Design. FRED is a lamp, a very nice lamp. His body is made out of Ecor; a completely sustainable “Cradle-to-Cradle” sheet material made by compressing cellulose fibres (wood, paper, grasses, etc.) What makes him a pioneer in his field is the fact that his wires, switch and all other technical bits are 100% sustainable as well. FRED is the Pinocchio of the lighting world; a dream come true and a truly unique one of a kind.

There are boatloads of lamps that claim to be sustainable, but that’s just not true. Their lampshades might be made out of recycled cardboard but their wiring is still made from PVC (consider adding one more SHORT element used in standard lighting fixtures), which is bad for the environment. Tjalle and Jasper have the solution but can’t do this alone. They need help to let FRED reach his full and very bright potential which is why they created this kickstarter campaign to reach out to all lamp-lovers out there. Help them flick the switch on sustainable lighting.

From 17 to 25 October FRED will be presented at the TAC (Temporary Art Centre) during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. We hope to see you there!