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12 pages+cover. Offset printed.
size: ISO A5 (148mm x 210mm / 5,83 x 8,27 inches)
name and weight of the paper: Arctic volume White 170 g/m2
drawings: Krisztina Vona
typographic design / editing: Jozsef Keresztes-Nagy
printers: Keskeny és Társai 2011 Kft.

I have been drawing calendars for five years as a Christmas gift for my family and friends. After great success in the last years and very good feedback from my friends they convinced me to do more copies this year.
So I have printed 500 offset copies.
The calendars are in French as I live in Paris and there is where I create my art. The subject was obvious, I love nature and animals witch always inspire me, they are beautiful and I never get tired of them.
I made the original drawings with my favorite ballpoint pen and my Japanese watercolor.
I hope you will enjoy my work!