Cont stool
Cont stool2
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Sail 2
Sail detail
Spot detail

I am happy to share with you my most recent works exhibited in Tel Aviv, during Fresh Paint design fair. 21-25 May 2013.
I designed a special series of wooden furniture pieces (a table and stools) along with new lighting fixtures. All pieces are made from wood using the lathe machine with a focus on the joints and movement mechanism which defines my design esthetics.

Cont stool
The body of the stool is made in a segment technique. The design plays with the iconic proportions of a stool, shortening the legs and adding volume in the middle making it look different and up to date. The stool has a signature carved in a copper cast inserted in the bottom. Made from white oak or ash wood.

Sail hanging lamp
The sail is made in a lamination technique and is attached to a wooden cylinder spot.
The concept was to creat a flowing airy fixture. The design combines the organic and feminine sail with a strong clear and technical spot.

Table lamps The Wedding
In these lamps I created two types of characters. It’s a simplified silhouette for a man and a woman made from copper,brass, wood and glass. These table lamps are designed as bedside lamps for him and for her.

Spot On
The concept of the fixture is to translate the technical ceiling lighting bars/ trails into a decorative wall lamp that still keep the benefits of a strong spot lighting.

Gilad Langer