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fresh summer colors

Bracelet Io Minos Bracelet Io Kronos Bracelet Io Kreios Ring Dione with patterns Minos, Kreios, Kronos, Dionysos and Helios Bracelet Io with patterns Minos, Kreios, Kronos, Dionysos and Helios mixed earrings Echo Dionysos/Helios and Dionysos/Minos Collier with a big Diskus (40m), pattern Kreios Collier with three sizes of Diskus, pattern Dionysos Collier with two sizes of Diskus, pattern Helios earrings echo minos

Monomer´s sophisticated and award-winning jewellery is wearable art for the fingers, wrist, neck or ears. Our aim is to create timeless masterpieces by using newest 3D printing technologies and this vision was brought to life using colored polyamide. The basic idea behind the design is to use geometric, voluminous shapes which are covered with a patterned skin. This creates an interplay of clarity and distortion of transparency and exclusion. This fascinating and simple idea creates limitless variety of shapes and fits in perfect harmony with the possibilities of rapid-prototyping, because everyone can customize his personal unique jewelry which is than individually manufactured.

Each shape has a specific name and it´s pattern is named after a divinity of the greek mythology.

These fresh summer colors are only available in our webshop and the sale is limited to the 20th of june.

We hope you enjoy our design and your individual combination of colored rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings in all different patterns.

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