Fresh Realm, a technology startup with a mission to make fresh food available for all, has recently partnered with RKS to define, design and introduce a disruptive fresh food delivery system that enables to ship fresh food straight from growers to customers, faster, fresher and to more places than ever before.

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RKS and FreshRealm Revolutionize the Fresh Food Delivery Process

Summary: RKS Design and the start-up FreshRealm created a groundbreaking food delivery platform that can deliver fresh food nationwide while saving food waste, money and emissions

THOUSANDS OAKS, CA (03.13.14) – Fresh Realm, a technology startup with a mission to make fresh food available for all, partnered with RKS to define, design and introduce a disruptive delivery system that enables to ship fresh food straight from growers to customers, faster, fresher, more conveniently and to more places in US than ever before.

Pioneering a cloud-based platform for the food industry, FreshRealm’s new technology seamlessly links customers and merchants to a national network of food suppliers, food makers and food packers, producing massive efficiency and greatly reduced distribution time. “The next revolution of commerce and interaction is all about connectivity. FreshRealm was formed to help usher in this new era” shares FreshRealm CEO, Michael Lippold, “An era of being connected, collaborating and cooperating to build the world together in a better way.”

The FreshRealm Cloud applies lean manufacturing principles to all parts of the distribution chain, delivering a cutting-edge solution that allows geographically-distant individuals and organizations to work together for on-demand food making and just-in-time national food delivery. By only shipping food when it’s ordered, the FreshRealm platform removes the false demand that requires retailers to over-order. For every three sellable apples that make it to retail, one gets tossed due to damage or spoilage along the way, waste that is eliminated by pushing the retail point down the supply chain.

“48 million people in the United States go hungry every year, while 40% of food grown perishes before it reaches the market” explains CEO of RKS, Ravi Sawhney. “FreshRealm is revolutionary because it will disrupt how we receive fresh groceries. No longer will food be shipped to sit on a dock and then stored at the back of a grocery store to wait to be put out on the shelves. It’s going straight from the grower to the consumer. This means ultimately that we not only get healthier, better products for the same price with great convenience but we reduce that amount that is wasted while increasing shelf life. How do you beat that offering?”

“The key to a successful just-in-time national food delivery service, which historically has been impossible, relied heavily on the innovative shipping vessel that can emptied, resealed, returned, sanitized, refurbished and reused” explains Lance Hussey Creative Director & Principal at RKS. The FreshRealm Vessel is the first reusable packaging of its kind. Keeping food cold at 40o F for 40 hours without any electricity or excess packaging, the innovative vessel eliminates waste with every shipment. “We wanted the vessel to be a symbol of reusability, less waste and thinking differently,” Lippold said. The more times a vessel is used, the more it benefits the entire system.

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High resolution downloads available at: http://rksdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/2-Days-Field-to-Table-Infographic.jpg

High resolution downloads available at: http://rksdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/FreshRealm-Vessel-Closed.jpg

High resolution downloads available at: http://rksdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Freshrealm-Vessel-Open.jpg

High resolution downloads available at: http://rksdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Freshrealm-Vessel-with-Lid.jpg
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