Context: A table lamp that provides ambient lighting.
switched off
switched on
Placement of the LEDs cause the inner surface to be brighter than the outer surface.
The modified, off-the-shelf LED strips.
Each LED is individually shaded with paper for even illumination.
How it looks from below. This is not visible in normal use.
Close up view of wood veneer.
One of the windows are filled with a rubber piece that connects to the cable.
The lattice casts interesting shadows when it is not in use.

A table lamp that explores the new forms made possible by the miniaturization of LED technology. In a way, the incandescent light bulb is broken up and embedded into the skin of the shade. 54 LEDs are hidden in a cylindrical lattice structure, making it seem like light is shining through the hexagonal holes from an invisible point within the enclosed space. It is as if light itself has been trapped within the lattice. (the only place this has been published elsewhere is my behance account)