rendering: FRXSH with fruits
photo: base
photo: FRXSH with fruits
photo: all components
photo: unpack
photo: base packed
brief instruction
photo: mixing
photo: launching event
rendering: FRXSH green

The premium blender«FRXSH» is a kitchen appliance innovation that mixes and froths directly in the bottle. It was launched on 12.12.2012 by the Swiss startup Frxsh.?The Base contains the motor and electronics and is remarkable small, simple and elegant. Due to its automatic trigger mechanism there is no need for a start button. FRXSH doesn’t take a lot of space or loses attraction in a kitchen area just next to the coffee machine.

The bottles are more playful. They seem to sprout out of the the base. Their different materials steel, glass and plastic are adapted to different usage situations.

designed by young Swiss designer Véronique Baer (product design – véronique baer)