Wedding Serviette Design
Summer Cocktail Colorful Design Serviette
Dark Wine Setting for 2 Serviette Design
Southern Iced Tea Setting Fancy Serviette Design
Illuminated Tissue Petal Night light
Basic Tissue Petal Design
Tissue Petal Bathroom Setting
Babushka Design

A revolutionary new design for napkin, tissue, and toilet paper holder/dispenser in a beautiful yet functional bouquet composition. These skillfully crafted bouquets are not only for aesthetic purposes-but for functionality as well! This innovative design is like nothing else on the market.

All of our functional artisan bouquets are carefully created. We really need funding for the production of the folding process of the various types of paper. We want to make as many of these wonderful bouquets as possible, but we don’t want to take away from its quality or artisan appeal. We currently have a provisional patent for the FAB’s internal base, where the paper attaches to that create the bouquet form, and are working with manufactures to create a new recyclable disposable bases. We are also protecting our invention with several design and utility patents, trademarks, and also copyrights that are currently in the works.

We are constantly refining every aspect of our design and forging new directions for design and development. Right now we have created a soft emitting light that transforms the Powder Room Petal bouquet into an illumination of flowers, and makes for a great night light. It is truly a feeling of completeness and wholeness working on this project, and is something I want to see develop and grow.

The product we are presenting will come with a variety of vases for any setting, but the ones we are currently using is a very beautiful round stainless steel vase or a lightweight aluminum (with painted patina, and different colors available). Housed in the base is is a connector module to unlatch the bouquets after use to replace.

Our Powder Room Petals are our bathroom bouquets for toilet paper use. They’re a beautiful bouquet that illuminates soft bodied lights that can also be used as a night light, great for guest bathrooms or just a simple touch to make your bathroom complete. The center of the base is a function for lighting where the button is displaced underneath the bouquet to turn on and off.

Our Babushkas are our tissue bouquets that are made of soft tissues with colorful tissue paper designs that are individually wrapped around the tissue. Great for a gift for sick friends, for the office, coffee tables, or a wonderful addition to any makeup vanity.

Our Serviettes are our dinner and beverage napkin bouquets and are our most colorful designs for any special occasions or holidays where napkins are used. This charming centerpiece has beautiful accents with the colorful napkins for the business and home use. They can also be used for holidays, weddings, funerals, and family get-togethers. Different accent trinkets are available for the Serviette bouquet based on the design. We have several color combinations and add-on trinkets that make them custom and suitable for any function that you would need them for.