funktio table
funktio table closed
upper surface
working model,detail;wood

Simple geometry shaped table, created on the basis of hidden identity.
By using this teble, user directly reveals table’s second identity, from which it follows
new function, form and size. Table changes its characteristics and dimensions
simply opening the upper surface, using the sliding detail.
Table, as a whole, is closed and symbolizes: order, peace, purity, light.
By opening the upper surface emerges chaos, operation, disorder, symbolizing the era in which we live and work. The upper surface is made of pale, finely worked wood. Bottom panel is made of dark beech, less processed, which serves as a work surface that can abrade (cut paper, cardboard).
Funktio table is designed for students, designers, architects or offices where where working surface is reqired.
Keywords: contrast, duality, contradiction, modern / postmodern.