Lou Pimentel for GMWAT4
Joka for GMWAT4
Dave MacDowell for  GMWAT4

On March 17 from 7-11PM, throwback to the Saturday mornings of your youth as WWA Gallery welcomes all characters to the off-the-wall, group exhibition ‘Gag Me With A Toon (GMWAT) 4.’

Curated by pop culture surrealist Steven Daily (http://www.stevendailyart.com/), GMWAT is an annual event showcasing artists interpretations of beloved Saturday morning cartoons. This year is slated to be the biggest and baddest one yet with 80 confirmed artists, including Jhonen Vasquez (Invader Zim), Carlos Ramos, Jim Mahfood, Alex Pardee, Lou Pimentel, Brian Viveros, and Travis Louie.

Action packed and full of fun, this show has it all – nostalgia, humor, and a zesty blend of sweet and spice. A wonderful addition to any St. Patrick’s Day festivities, so don’t miss out!

Free refreshments will be served.