Galaxy rfid device by maurizio maiorana
Cashless electronic payments with card, key or any other form of tag transponder rfid
Example of using
Near field technology
Detail: haptic surface
Removing the card

Galaxy of Comesterogroup’s World Key family is a device able to manage different applications allowing for the cashless electronic payments (cards, keys or any other form of tag / transponder RFID). His Friendly and efficient interface gives unprecedented performance in RFID readers category.
His interface is designed to increase the accessibility and the user experience with haptic surfaces, the center hole is formed with the funnel concept to facilitate the key’s access even to the most inattentive user.
The interior architecture improve every electronic process inside Galaxy, from tag recognition to LED signals.
The interior and exterior architecture communication is facilitated by the work carried out in close to Comestero and RFTech engineers. The Galaxy’s form follows the functions, from the user gestures to the lights guides that highlighting the active region surrounded by LED light.