Armchair KB 1.2.2

The main purpose of this furniture is use outside: in gardens, parks and in the city environment. It can be also used in administrative, exhibition or residential spaces. The furniture can be used in outfitting places of resort and waiting spaces and can at the same time represent architectural or even sculptural elements designed for esthetic pleasure. Rational laconism, structure reliability, the material’s stability under any environment loads as well as functionality and use conformability make these objects virtually everlasting. Thanks to a special filing method, any exterior changes and scratches arising during service only complete and enrich the product’s look, underline its originality.
If the project furniture is designed for relaxation, the objects may be accomplished with soft elements. Upholstery material is leather; filling is 100% natural latex.

For permanent exposition, the objects may be safely reinforced (additional option). Embedded details are installed in the ground or other bases for this purpose. The structure of embedded details is hidden and there are only special borings on the surface in which the objects should be fixed.

All the key objects of the “KB 1.2” system are manufactured from 8 mm sheets of stainless steel. The material’s physical features allow for improve the objects’ design with this thickness and reduce the number of elements while preserving high solidity. The unique fixture system allows for manufacturing objects without electric welding, gas welding and threaded joints.