Geek Single Chair
Wang lounger

Hi guys at Moco Loco

We are the makers and designer for the pretty well-received Vintage Bookcase in 2010. We are back this year with 3 new designer chair pieces. Do visit us at www.munkii.com.sg and contact me if you find the pieces good enough for a post on your esteemed site. Below are the details:


Geek is an unpretentious single chair crafted from coated lightweight steel frame and maple rods. The design itself is very much straightforward and familiar yet the crux lies in the attention to details to bring both material together into a seamless product.

True to Munkii’s design, Geek is one of those product that derives its character from bringing simple geometric lines into a contemporary form creating a chair with a personality that is quiet and subtle yet absolutely brilliant.

Frame: Steel with matte coated finish in either black or white coupled with solid wood maple rods

Dimension in mm:

Length: 511

Width: 520

Height: 825

Approximate weight: 3.7kg or 8.15 lb

Optional felt cushion in white or black


The Wang Chair is a sleek, sexy lounger designed from a combination of a cleverly-positioned tripod steel frame and oak laminated seating with a signature gold connecting detail at the back functioning as the spine of the entire design.
It is one of those furniture that munkii creates every now and then that permeates a idiosyncratic and flaunting aura yet fits seamlessly into every space and function.
For individuals who wants to bring the “bling” in their lives right into their living spaces, the Wang Lounger is an expressive piece of furniture that conveys class, luxury and an absolute stunting addition.

Steel frame with matte black finish
Wooden seat with oak grain laminate
Gold painted connecting point

Dimension in mm:

Length: 680

Width: 706

Height: 670

Approximate weight: 9kg or 19.84 lb