I am an architect who started a micro 3D printing design manufacture in Melbourne Australia

Please find images of the first collection I designed attached.

The collection is a series of 5 geometric bangles which are currently available in 11 different colours – everything is made to order.

The bangles have been designed using the same base structure but have been triangulated differently to generate the 5 surface patterns represented in the collection.

This means that they will always align/match up whenever different bangles are stacked

These bangles are the result of rigorous testing and working closely with the machine to produce the best possible output consistently.

They have been refined to work within the limitations of accessible 3D printers to produce covetable objects.

L’ABATTOIR de PLASTIQUE is driven by the belief that design can create and add value to an otherwise ubiquitous/disposable material ( plastic )

I have filmed a making of video which you can see here: http://www.labattoir-plastique.com/pages/how-its-made

Since this is the slaughterhouse of plastic, all our products are deliciously vacuum packed like sausages

Only biodegradable PLA plastic is used in the production of the bangles

All the photographs attached have been taken by me except for the one of the machine which was taken by James Braund ( http://www.jamesbraund.com/ )

Please let me know if you have any other questions and I certainly hope to be featured on your fabulous website soon